Tarot for Writers – Character Development Spread

This is just a quick post for all you writers our there struggling with your character development. I found this fantastic post by Amanda Patterson on Tumbler who shares a layout to get to know your hero. This is the layout she supplies, so I thought I would lay the cards out and let you create…

Tarot Writing Prompt: Wealth to Faith

I put all the cards together, shuffled them, and divided them into the four piles again in the same manner of the First Operation, though instead of looking through the pile for cards, I gave the pile a little bit of a shuffle before drawing two cards from the top.

Ace of Swords | Weekly Tarot Card Part 4: Symbolism

When we initially look at most Aces, there isn’t as much symbolism as the rest of the cars. However, there are still key images within the cards that help to give us clues and insights to their properties. 

Free Herbalism Project

I know I usually do a blog share on the weekend, but I really wanted to share this one.  If you live in the area of this project, I highly recommend going. From my understanding, it’s put on by Mountain Rose Herbs, and I have a huge soft spot for that company.  I used to have…

Ace of Swords | Weekly Card Part 3: Aces and Air

However, if we are aware of what we are saying, if we are aware of what we are thinking, of the knowledge we share, and we concentrate on using the energy of Air for positive means, then while there are difficult lessons within the suit of Swords, we can still gain positive experiences, and thus, create positive experiences.

Tarot Cards for the Equinox and Full Moon in Libra

I wanted to talk about a few cards that might be helpful with the energies and messages of the day and for the seasons to come. After the cards, I wanted to share some posts from other voices who can help you celebrate the coming of spring.

Weird Deck Wednesday: Trees

Happy Ostara! Because of the Equinox, I thought that today’s theme would be trees which are opening up and unfurling their leaves. I am so excited for the green, it has definitely been missed. I feel as though this winter has been particularly long! Tarot of the Trees When I searched for tree tarot decks,…